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lirik lagu are friends electric? (live) – gary numan


it’s cold outside
and the paint’s peeling off of my walls
there’s a man outside
in a long coat, gray hat, smoking a cigarette

now the light fades out
and i wonder what i’m doing in a room like this
there’s a knock on the door
and just for a second i thought i remembered you

so now i’m alone, now i can think for myself
about little deals and su’s
and things that i just don’t understand
a white lie that night or a sly touch at times
i don’t think it meant anything to you

so i open the door
it’s the friend that i’d left in the hallway
please sit down
a candlelit shadow on a wall near the bed

you know i hate to ask
but are friends electric?
only mine broke down
and now i’ve no one to love

so i found out your reasons
for the phone calls and smiles and it hurts
and i’m lonely and i should never have tried
and i missed you tonight, it must be time to leave
you see it meant everything to me