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lirik lagu pointless – gawdlee



sh-t was pointless
thinking i was better and i could ignore these voices
poor choices all i ever madein my lesser days
so vague cause my memory fades, it’s so degraded
f-ck it, lookin’ back has been overrated i’m on the move
ever since there’s so much to gain but, there’s more to lose
and my shorter fuse don’t help sh-t
told me everything was fixed but, i still felt tricked so what is this?
nothing exists, really so everything on this wishlist
is kind of silly, not the least bit fulfilling
your happiness is artificial that’s why when things go south
you feel it’s so hard to get through, so many issues
i love yous and i really miss yous i need a tissue
it’s sad cause i told you it’s guaranteed i’ll forget you
but, it’s sadder when you know it’s fact but you won’t admit
you got it wrong been in denial for so long
your souls gone living all those buried dreams without you
the reason why you’ll never know everything about you
you know what you became but not what you could amount to
stop letting other people ground you and doubt you
surround you and try to drown you that’s why i found you
see i was put on to this planet to astound you
and to do it i present you with your choices
live free or live pointless