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lirik lagu the nightmare – geezer


[ verse 1]

hey, it’s me
do you remember me
i’m the feeling inside of your chest that helps you breathe
close your eyes at night
i’m the one that you see
the part of your mind that you reside all your anger and grief

where am i?
i don’t know you

oh you don’t ?
why don’t you come with me
and ill just show you
i’m your thought of suicide
all that hatred in your eyes
that you tried to compromise inside your mind

evil demons come and go
i command you leave my soul
you will no corrupt me
nor infect me no
you’re representing a negative energy
you will not get to me
you are a sin to me
you will not drown me in your evil synergy
you’re not a friend to me
you are my enemy

hahahaha you think you can run?

you think you have a chance?
you think that anyone would care about you at first glance?
you ever wonder why you never knew me in advance
or why your paranoid that everyone
will think you’re bland?

no, i told you
leave my mind, and leave my thoughts
you’re not getting to me
breaking through at all
okay? you’re not!

buy hunter, there’s so many thin……

no, save it k?
you’re done i’ve had enough
this isn’t fun

but you’re bipolar

no i’m not!

what about all the times
you lost your mind and you’ve tried
to hold it back but you’re mine
i’m the one that’s inside
stop trying to hide
you know that i’d never lie
but i’m free now
i think that it’s time

time for what?
i’m in control of my own life
it’s mine
you’re the darkness
i’m the light
you’re the scars
you’re the price
you’re precise
on trying to turn me on the anger that i despise

if you don’t
then you’ll demise
and your depression will arise
and your bounty on you’re own head
to yourself will seem a prize
and you will start to cry
out someone but surprise!
they ain’t near
they can’t hear you
and you fear you’re about to die!