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lirik lagu 25 for life – genecist


25 now
feel like my life is like goin by now
feel like ma life is like do or die now
quarter centennial i’m fly now
yes i take my welcome in the cult of adulthood
hopin to myself i’m really doin what most should
really no regrets, i got a circle of friends but
feel like i neeeeed to give em somethin to dance ta
back to ma age, another year to check the checklist
what else can i check and what is next for me to check in
live another year (check) conquer a fear (check)
progress in ya career (check) do not become clair (check)
k!ll a couple shows (check) lock in ya flow (check)
pay a couple bros (check) find the one for yo soul (check)
my new year resolution gotta make this look inferior
house in the woods and we tricked out the interior
take it to the next level
this year i’m bouta go harder
another year older that’s another year smarter
that was first quarter ain’t no break into the second
you can chill at half time, but that’s when you a legend
you bouta move into the future, which story you tellin?
a tale of love and success or ya glorious failin
you took that other 25 to get to know you betta
you want another 25 to be ya golden era

i’ll be 25 for
say that i’ll be
25 for life
mmm said i’ll be 25 for x2

what a time to be alive
at 25 you live
25 the year to thrive
some ain’t get to 20
and there’s plenty ways to die
so 25 you live then another 25
what you missin?
tell me what else we gotta go get
we ain’t focused on the year
every second is blessed
to lessen stress
to place every step
it’s kids to be created
and you makin weapon x
go’n do it
somebody must be the conduit
we go’n get it in smooth
the way a con do it
you got moments to lose
don’t say you can’t do it
i done been alive
as long as a con doin
cherish seconds and make up the opportunities
you wanna struggle then kick back in the foolery
you ain’t never go’n make it ‘fyoun’t do a thing
so it’s time to go get it, we gotta prove the dream

get on up no time to look down
glass half full let’s turn it out!
(put em up put em up put em up yeah yeah)
cause you’ll be 25 for…
this right here is where it goes down
tell your story, spread it around
(spread your story all around to everybody you feel me?)
cause you’ll be 25 for…

forever, you did it kid!
it ain’t got nothin to do wit if you did it big
how would you describe yoself now to yo teen age
18 year old you saw this in his dream state
in yo 25 years did you dance enough
did you experience joy when yo chance was up
did you, let you be you, ev’ry moment livin
did you let go’a grudges is yo soul forgiven
it’s bitter sweet adolescence is gone
next you find that frontal lobe
but prepare for the storm
wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for god
so always give em praise since he blessin ya mom
you passed the education part but remain a student
you gotta learn to be the best you, x what they doin
it’s only 25 i’m not worried
but tell me what we go’n do about thirty
25 for life