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lirik lagu “30 hours” freeverse – geneus


exercise caution anywhere that i go
cuz some will put a dent on your emotional growth
and some don’t want you thriving so they’ll go for the throat
you tell em you afloat they’ll tip you over the boat
it’s hard to be more welcoming when this the result
but i’m getting better at it
building better habits
got my aims executed and the discipline is lavish
you could never tell me sh-t about the way that i should manage
when it come to all the balance i’m a physical scale
all this weight on me you’d think i’m out here pushing the scale
shaking up the paradigm without me losing myself
i’m seeing quite the repercussions when not true to myself
was drowned in heavy solitude it wasn’t good for my health
everyone around me knew i wasn’t doing too well
missing out on rendezvous with all the guilt that i felt
finally stepping out the sh-ll to rid the hurt that i dealt
my place of healing when immersed in my notes
every now and then i go remote to clear out my thoughts
can’t deny how crowded it can get with gems in the vault
i gotta let world know my mind is full of results
and show em that my heart’s in it til it comes to a halt
f-cking up the charts the plan but planting seed is the bow
fasten my contribution tightly for you people to know
i’m in the business of kicking game not beginning a cult
cure my do’s and my don’ts
and never act on impulse
i will not budge on insult
but i’ll make you pay what you’re worth
playing me comes at a cost
facing me comes at a loss
hating me just for the cause
i’ve been on pace with my nerves
and yet sporadic in thoughts
mind yet mastered a b-st-rd i’m casted
with time left to claim what i’m after
before laid in casket
before slain or captured
i hold blame for that which my shame ain’t been factored
fame ain’t this candid
bigger fish to grill i remain tame and tactful
vigilant for those folk who wreak pain and havoc
chaos i’m surprised how i maintain the madness
stress got me operating on another bandwidth
even i wonder how i haven’t waved the flag yet
swear the struggle like a magnet
it might weigh me down but i’ll persevere in action
and put it in a caption
my triumph through a gram pic

©️ 2019 geneus