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lirik lagu there’s always room for kindness – george stewart


when we do a kindly deed, goodness will prevail;
god will never let us down; his love never fails.
to love is the best example that anyone can give;
it’s worth more than wealth or fame and makes life such a joy to live.

there’s always room for kindness
inside of you and me
for opening up our hearts to others
helps to set us free.
there’s always room for kindness,
a smile a friendly nod,
but each action shared with generosity
touches the very heart of god.

may the greatest of gifts come and linger
with us and our loved ones today,
to bring us the sunshine of gladness
and banish the sadness away;
to guard all the ways of the future,
to light all the paths we must trod;
for the greatest gifts and of treasures
is the bountiful blessings of god!

there’s always time to say “i care”;
there is love in the world for everyone to share.
perfect love is a state of mind;
it’s the only way for us to be kind.

repeat chorus