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lirik lagu 12am at the general store – gggods


[verse 1: sluggg]
heading home see the bright store light
having one desire on my mind
gonna get some cheese the one with the mac
gonna grab a shopping cart and go to the back
popping and jumping we up in the back
rolling and flowing with my brain on track
dedicated to the craft and i ain’t talking mac

[verse 2: sluggg]
cheese with the box
taste that really rocks
surprised by the taste when it crosses my way
rest of the foods can get out my way
only one thing that stay no delay
’cause i need the cheese
and i love the cheese
and i need the cheese
it’s the cheesy way
it’s the cheesy way

[outro: gggazer, sluggg]
is that all sir?
yeah, just the mac and cheese
that’s going to be $1.50 sir
yes $1.50
the f*ck do you mean $1.50, for a box of mac and cheese?
sir, the box is $1 plus tax
you can go f*ck yourself, and your macaroni!
have a nice day