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lirik lagu 05 [10.10.19] – ggpp


[part i]

so, what, we gotta have a name for this, so we’re gonna ask uh
special guests, alex and anh, to both decide on a name for the podcast
um so anh? what should the podcast name be?

goofy goofy p**py p**py
that’s a very interesting name
could you uh, explain how it has significance to you?


alright, thank you very much um
yeah, i think that, i think that’s pretty good
alright so, what uh, what is the acronym? the
the gg, the gg…
alright this is the gg… p… ppgg?
ggpp podcast
alright, uh welcome
so we’ll, we’re gonna resume the ggpp podcast
after mr. biaye comes back from his um
scheduled phone call, aight
we’re, we’re gonna post it
we’re gonna post it on the unicef soundcloud
[part ii]

is it recording?