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lirik lagu 3 – ghostie


[intro: ghostie]
yeah, yeah
yeah, b-tch! (yeah, b-tch!)
yeah, b-tch! (yeah, b-tch!)
sup, ay ay ay ay
(ay, wait, ay, p-ssy)

[verse 1: ghostie, sybyr]
i don’t, like, you, heyyy
you don’t, like, me, heyyy
we don’t like each other, we don’t f-ck with each other anyway
mop day sucks, how about your life?
i don’t like your n-ggas, so come get your [?]
i’m mike tyson with the f-cking hooks
don’t look (don’t look)
don’t look
luckiest way you [?]
[?] like a n-gga with the crib
i ain’t sh-t but ghostie
f-ck yall n-ggas, you should really know me
we didn’t do this sh-t for many years
me and my n-ggas had many tears
man this sh-t so f-cked up, but you look up to a n-gga like me
i ain’t no instagram or a motherf-ckin’ twitter
[?] motherf-cking icy
n-gga you don’t like me
n-gga i don’t like you
if you try to [?] me, maybe i will fight you
[?] (yeah, woo, woo!)
i’m having a mental breakdown, breakdown (uhh)
yall n-ggas is such clowns
[?] hoe every single day
drowning in my [?] pain goes away
f-ck n-gga (f-ck n-gga)
we know each other

[intro: sybyr]
please, come here, come here
come here, come here
uh, evil n-gga back b-tch

[verse 2: sybyr]
i want chips
i don’t play
there’s a face
sound like sick
all your veins
in this fire
sea as a flurry
i am too
like a sh-t
i’m on the earth
in myself
i’m on the earth
in my vein
pock’ a ‘cets in my safe
i am rock
yes all day
anyone that try to say
i am less about scripts and poppin’ perco-pilly-cet
silly b-tch
get out my way
out my way
all y’all wait
i will rip
all your veins
i am fire
k!ll with me
i gon eat all in a bag
i gon eat all in a baggy
all of you n-ggas are tacky
all of you n-ggas are tacky
go ahead come attack me
go ahead come attack me
go ahead come attack me
’round me got a black tee
‘rou- ‘rou-