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lirik lagu – ghostofblu



[verse 1: ghostofblu]
eeny, meeny, miney, moe
grab a p*ssy by the throat
i never, ever let it go
make them motherf*cking choke
[?] show
look like you’re incapable of getting what you [?]
’cause you’re a squeaker, so [?]
do you really understand just who i am?
[?] plan
[?] screaming, shouting about who i am
and what i’ll do if you cross paths with me and my boys in the clan

[bridge: ghostofblu & junior]
yo, this the murder chronicles
shoutout to my boys in [?]
[?], whatever
ayy, ayy, ayy

[verse 2: junior]
[?] stupid face
[?] proper every day
let me see that pretty frown
hope there’s f*cking blood in mouth
’til i tell you “spit it out”, ayy
get the f*ck out of my ear
quit the scratching of the wall
i can’t breathe, i can’t breathe
can i f*cking choke you too?
wanna see that black and blue
can i f*cking choke you too?
i love to bruise
let you bruise [?]