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lirik lagu 1.2.3 run – giles


1.2.3. run

ya’ll no when worst come’s to worst ya men blood 2 dead
’cause im the 3rd biggest drug dealer y’all ever gon no
i hustle n move til i hit the flow
when biggy pablo hit the party it’s gon show aka 47 too ur face
til we hit a trace and f-ck up ur hole place
love me or hate me walk me or fight me
you scared just ’cause im whit bw black&white biggy pablo
never bow down for summ that i aint right we fight til it’s light out..
y’all can find me were’s money aka too 9 when inter to club full of ho’s
’cause i told u b-tch im hight off life just like we wish money grow’s on tree’s
i already have 400g’s but when im compressed i break down n hit the streets
y’all ask me for sum but im not giving im cheap
work for it ’cause all ic is dee’s fake wiggas no they can’t rap
that just reality just face the facts
but when u hear y’all gon halunisanate when ur on coke or e
’cause all you f-cker better b blessed whit that bullet proof vest
’cause aka 47 make sure a big mess when they enter the chest
y’all can see im the king of cache
when i pray u suffer when i smoke u bluffing
i told u f-cker im a grown -ss man now
2oz in my hand smoke it til the dope it gone
i run from the police 4 fun but were young and dumb but we have heart
t’ill we were born from the day we start

1.2.3 run!! g and pablo are in the club
just stay beside cause your gona get colide
with the nine,with the b-tch,with the bling,with the fist
your gona be pop’s after this,we don’t give a f-ck!
peremadics will get you up

you heard biggy said,so you know i got that nine
i pull that triger everytime i go mad
i don’t care bout popos i know how to act
c-ck that,aim that,pop that,his line goes flat
i don’t live in the life where peoples say should i do it or not
i just c-ck it,aime it,pop it so like it or not
you see i just keep it simple,everywhere i go my nine is loaded
and i also got clipz warm’d and ready to get blowned
you see i don’t complicate nothing,nah you just have to listen
when i or he or b&w bloodz or cripz say something
there’s no,but yo i can’t wait,yo listen,if you don’t like that
take a step back please sat lay your back back and get ready to get clap’d
now look at your face whatch you -ss cause your just ready to collapse
f-ck that im gona kick your -ss till you fall on your -ss
i see you,you see red,you see light i see a motherf-cker dead
hope you don’t have family that lives around here,dam they gona have a tear
their baby boy just died,and damm im full of f-cking joy
i always have a hoodie on my shoulders like im satan lil brother
like i said i always have a hoodie on my shoulders,when im on a street corner
poeples thinks im the biggest gangsta’s brother but damm i am sir
when i look into the mirror all i see is canada’s most wanted winner
my face on a milk box slogan saying wanted please get this kid pop’d
50 mill for reward but damm use wont get me cause use all have pisbon on me man
i don’t give a f-ck for cops i’ll tell them what drug i do for fun
e,cocaine,weed,coco puffy,perks all of the oil can harry
right baby im on e right on this moment so f-ck it lets do it
close the door c-ck it and lock it
we can’t make too much noise but damm i can’t help it
cause i’ll be behind the door the true meaning of it i’ll be f-cking it
and that straight g-sh-t
just drop the f-cking chrorus
cause right now im busy weting this p-ssy with my penus

1.2.3 run!! g and pablo are in the club
just stay beside cause your gona get colide
with the nine,with the b-tch,with the bling,with the fist
your gona be pop’s after this,we don’t give a f-ck!
peremadics will get you up

now back to the rapping sh-t,this is so f-cking sick
i pop e to make me feed off your mommy’s p-ssy
i bust my green tire ruber up in your mother
so don’t be surprised to have a new lil brother named alexander
looking like me having my goate screaming hehehe look at me
looking just like stephy why is that pappy
causee pappy put peny in your mommy’s meowy
then peny thaught there was a fire in meowy so he sprayd like crazy
but i don’t want to have a family at 16
click clack pow 2 body’s on the ground
lets call my ’causey g-biggy so he can rap the rest of swazy

steph:yo w-ssup g-biggy
giles-yo what’s cracking pablo
steph-i got a mess to clean up
giles-what did you do now
steph-don’t mind just drop that sh-t

as pablo clean up the dirty work
im out looking for you p-ssy’s
laughing about sh-t u never saw into ur mouth
it’s calld p-ssy queer’s
so shut ur f-cking mouth
when we run up into ur house
f-ck ur mom and kill ur dad
and take all the money into ur couch
f-cking poor -ss b-tch
its about time as we make a new crime
u on it pablo f-ck it’s about time
that i just f-ck off and leave this rhyme behind
cause im on time to do some more crime
haha remeber biggy pablo never bow down
click clack lets go to the club

ok!! listen up,g.p are in the house,so whatch you mouth
just bow down before your mouth gets pound
lay your back on that mat,before my bullet goes threw your six pack
i don’t give a f-ck for that,look in the back my ignatials on the cap
s.l or g.m or g.p who gives a sh-t it’s all the sh-t
now listen motherf-ckers g.p are in the club
i have won thing to yell out loud son
(steph&giles)1.2.3 run!!!!!!!!!