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lirik lagu reasons why – gingerleaf


h*llo, welcome to the end of our album. we do in fact hope you enjoyed your stay
our goal with this album was to show how truly versatile the gingerleaf group can be
if you’re still on the fence about why our album here
there are 13 reasons why you should listen to it on repeat

yeah you f*cking b*tches put that sh*t on repeat
number one, type your text here. it’s a blank canvas filled with typing your text here
i love typing my text here. it types my text here. i type, i type, type, yeah
number two, soaking in the bowl

the most relatable song on the album, for sure
cause who hasn’t ever gone to taco bell, eaten 15 tacos
and then had to take a life*changing sh*t, resulting in you falling in the toilet
number three, who’s that gurl

just some friends singing about a vtuber we all look up to the most
hey it’s jade, ttv. cue the goat
number four, ode to apex legends
an in*depth description of the highs and lows of the average apex legends experience

number five, i’ve made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgment
and i don’t expect to be forgiven. i’m simply here to apologize
type your text here
number six, freddy f*cks. based off of a true story

every album needs to have a disappointment of a song
just like how i’m the disappointment of my family
number eight, you a squirrel
this life*altering experience puts you into the mind and body of a dog
who doesn’t want to experience this
number nine, methamphetamine
typically just the plot of breaking bad, but somehow, also our best song
number ten, ginger laws

it’s about this b*tch who was ginger then went bald
pick a f*cking struggle
number eleven, homies*xual
if you thought we were h0m*phobes, this song probes you wrong

it’s about two friends who kiss each other goodnight
number twelve, g*y love song at the home depot
it’s about finding love in the most unusual places
also, ice water 42 acts as a voice of opposition and potential h0m*phobia

it’s about finding love in the most unusual places
how to find love in the most unusual places
type your text here

number 13. reasons why
yeah, you f*cking b*tches, put that sh*t on repeat

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