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should have left you - giovani barcellos lyrics


[verse 1: giovani barcellos]
saying you meant nothing to me
only makes it worse
you were everything i had
and i was made to keep you close
yet you lied to me, you cheated on me
like i meant just nothing to you
how could you be so heartless?

[verse 2: giovani barcellos]
every subsequent day after i found out you were with him
felt like h*ll, i couldn’t eat for days
the light inside me dimmed
bet you had your fun, he had it too
he told me when i found out
you had cheated on him just the way you did
to me

[chorus: giovani barcellos]
cause i should have left you the first time you waved that flag
was it china, vietnam or turkey?
i don’t mean to brag
but i’m everything you’ll never be
a man, well it’s a drag to see you leaving me
cause i should have left you
before you had the chance to wreck my heart
oh*oh*oh, oh*oh*oh
[verse 2: giovani barcellos]
and every day after i met him
i just hate you more and more
there’s no way i could still love you
when you act just like a wh0re
are all those guys, those pictures
meant to be some sick joke i will get if i explore?
well i implore

[bridge: giovani barcellos]
just don’t you dare to break a heart for fun
don’t make the same mistake you made with me
they don’t deserve do be decieved by your good looking body
when they fall in love with you
just say that you deserve to be alone, oh

[chorus: giovani barcellos]
cause every time you hurt me it felt worse than just before
and every time that i forgave you cause you felt so insecure
and when you left me for him i just knew
i failed to make the choice i did to hate you
cause i should have left you
before you had the chance to
i should have left you
oh*oh*oh, oh*oh*oh, oh

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