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lirik lagu wind storm – giovanni johven


[verse 1]
i’m feeling the pressure, the windstorm is coming
blowing through my mind, can’t escape it, it’s stunning
the chaos and destruction, it’s all around
but deep down inside, i know i’ll stand my ground
i’m like a tornado, spinning out of control
but i won’t let it break me, i’ll reach my goal
the wind may be fierce, but i’m stronger than before
i’ll weather the storm, and come out even more
the howling winds, they whisper secrets in my ear (oh*oh)

telling me to let go of all my fear
i’ll embrace the power, lеt it lift me up high
and soar through the darkness, into thе sky
the windstorm is a metaphor, for life’s challenges
the trials and tribulations, the balance and balances
it’s a reminder that we all have the strength within
to face the storm head on, and let our true selves begin
so when the windstorm comes knocking at your door
just remember, you have the power to soar
embrace the chaos, let it fuel your fire
and watch as you rise, higher and higher (oh*oh)

[verse 2]
yeah, i’m feeling like a wind storm, blowing through the city
my words hit hard, they ain’t never been pretty
i’m on a mission, no time for pity
leaving a mark, you can call me diddy
i bring the thunder, lightning, and rain
my flow is relentless, it’s driving you insane
i’m the eye of the storm, calm in the middle of the pain
but don’t get it twisted, i’ll unleash the hurricane
i’m the force of nature, you can’t contain
my power is unmatched, i’m breaking through chains (oh*oh)
i’m the wind storm, leaving nothing but stains (oh*oh)

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