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lirik lagu 100 bars, pt. 5 – glockboykari


(verse 1)
n*ggas tryna take my swag
ima just slide in a jag
brr’, get down, im mad
dump his body give a f*ck bout a bag
im in the field like chad, johnson
she say im mad, awesome
what happened to that n*gga, he died, toss em
chop lose his mind, lost him
i keep a stick like polo
he wanna sick em, f*ck it, solo
word on the street lil b*tch no yoyo
chop make him drop, uh, (?)
move with the glock n*gga, mike jackson
oh thats an opp caught his ass lackin
that n*gga want smoke, n*gga who (?)
i pick him off n*gga, subtracting
12 on my line gotta buck a u
gotta get em off me
i keep a stick n*gga, like crosby
yeah that boy want an o, f*ck it give him (?)
my bro off the percs n*gga, like (?)
indian plug with a lizard, like ravi
im in the field n*gga, like (?)
stay in the trap n*gga, like a lobby