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lirik lagu no cap rap – glockboyz teejaee & babytron


[verse 1: babytron]
poured three lines into my pop, sh*t i think i’m finna go to sleep
you ain’t had no money for the lease, so you stole the beat
moose with the fur, you slow as h*ll, think the coat a mink
why the h*ll you spendin’ all your pape’, don’t you owe some cheese?
said you up a hundred, grab a cap from the hat rack
h*llcats back to back, you might see a scatpack
walk ’em down, tuh*tuh, sh*t, that’s that
scam god’ll make a quick ten off a cash app

[verse 2: sk!lla baby]
all my hoes freaky and keke, i choke ’em
i heard the opps rap, before they pop, i’ma smoke ’em
had to hit his ass with a bullet, he was open
f*ck rap, my n*ggas really got rich rollin’
lil’ bro just went to juvie, he a hot boy
bro say he don’t want no ruger, he a glock boy
if you see me ridin’ in the dodge car, that’s my toy
before my n*gga teejaee say it, glockboyz, n*gga

[verse 3: glockboyz teejaee]
ayy, back to the basics, i’m like f*ck n*ggas
get to clutchin’ out in public, if i was you, i wouldn’t mug, n*gga
i had her scammin’, runnin’ in and out of stores, i ain’t even hug her
back to the basics, i’ll k!ll your ass for nothin’, i’m like f*ck n*ggas
if i expose sh*t, i made twenty last night, that sh*t was easy
man, i’ll never f*ck that b*tch, her hair be lookin’ like peezy’s
i been told you i was the one, y’all n*ggas ain’t believe me
man, believe me, i just walked inside the jeweler and told him freeze me
[verse 4: babytron]
it’s backdoor season, better lock it
why the f*ck you get a gun and flash that b*tch instead of pop it?
do my ap dance when that d*mn check deposit
2017, i did the balmains instead of robins
if i get your ssn, i bet you that your credit droppin’
if it’s on the floor, best believe i’m steppin’ on it
before the rap sh*t, the dog food was my second option
so many bucks, they should’ve drafted me instead of giannis

[verse 5: sk!lla baby]
no cap, i got h*lla hoes in the bay
i ain’t gon’ say names, i think a lot of rap n*ggas g*y
every n*gga tough ’til he gettin’ fapped with a k
my n*gga weeze got an attitude, nwa
you ever seen a n*gga head get bust with a four*five?
i’m really turnt in real life, that’s why i don’t go live
put a n*gga in a blender, get him twisted like a doorkn*b
don’t call my chaldean arab, that’s the wrong guy

[verse 6: glockboyz teejaee & babytron]
ayy, i’m sorry, baby, but this card i got don’t work, you gotta punch it in
red bottom steppin’, use your head before we stomp it in
you don’t wanna ride with me for a day, i’ll show you how i live
brodie in your bushes waitin’ ’til you walk up out your crib
tron called me like, “you tryna get some money?” man, i’m like, “yup”
in the sp*ceship, f*ck around and catch me flyin’ up
i’ll rob your ass, long as i make ten, don’t give a f*ck
sh*ttyboyz, dog$hitmilitia, ain’t no switchin’ up

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