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lirik lagu the documentation of jamar – gmp da icegod


[verse 1]
there was this young kid by the name of jamar
by the age of 13, he started writing bars
his father left him at the age of 8
and his mother’s masochism led her to her own fate
all of this just to flee from his own home
and he never wanted to sell dope or hold the chrome
so he chose instead to take the path of music
no pop, no cello, no acoustics
a composition notebook and a pen was all he needed
and he would write and record every rhyme till he succeeded
one day, he got a phone call
that only said, “i just want to see you. that’s all.”
suspicious, some came to his apartment door
he rushed just to grab the eagle that’s been hanging from his drawer
as he grabbed it, and walked towards the open
it was his new manager, and his look was frozen
the manager said he wanted to make him famous
but more than that, make him one of the faces
look at jamar now, on a road to fame
and is about to pave his own way into the rap game

[hook 1]
jamar, the young kid with a p-ssion for rapping
grew up listening to the boom bap, and
he’s famous now, and making a lotta cream
the young mc livin the rap dream

[verse 2]
after his first album, he was hanging with friends
then there was this girl who looked like all kinds of tens
a body like kardashian with ebony hair
her name was claire, and jamar resisted not to stare
she walked up to him and said, “nice to meet ya.”
jamar said, “hey, i’m just noticing your features
and i was wondering if you’re free tonight.”
then claire said, “but i want you to meet my parents, alright?”
then jamar got nervous, his heart started beating
he never ever knew it’s the parents he’d be meeting
regardless, jamar accepted, but with a cost
this one night later will signify the love he lost
once he met the parents, it was only the father
who got angry and slammed the door, not giving him a chance to bother
to talk to her, seems he was being overprotective
jamar thought he’d be a little sensitive
that one fateful night affected his writing
and it was never too exciting to change his own rhyming
and after forgetting his love for a while
the success of the rhyming gave him a big smile

[hook 2]
jamar, the young mc with a lost love
she was sweet, s-xy, all the above
never had he expected meeting the father
now he cannot bear stepping foot amongst his daughter

[verse 3]
second album released, and sadly, his last
all of a sudden, jamar’s fame started to p-ss
accusations of him selling out got him questioning
about his own content, the violence lessening
one night was his last day on this earth
as he was wondering if the change was all that’s worth
but surprise, men with .45s came and shot him dead in the head
look at him now, lying on his deathbead

[hook 3]
jamar, the one who they called the sold out mc
said that less violence wasn’t their cup of tea
now jamar is shot and k!lled, one straight to the head
everybody pray for him as we bow our heads