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lirik lagu baring teeth for revolt – goatwhore



[verse 1]
we are coming to smash their idols
we are coming to wreck their laws
break these binds, free our lives

[verse 2]
we are coming to deaden their hope
we are coming to destroy their lie
seize the moment, ready for the fight

when the heavens are nothing
will you beg for remorse?
when the heavens are burning
will you tremble with fright?

[verse 3]
we are coming to taste their blood
we are coming to defile their gods
destroying this disease of faith

[verse 4]
we are coming to rape their minds
we are coming to steal their souls
this revolt starting to unfold

when the heavens turn black
will you pray for the end?
when the heavens seep blood
will you cringe at our wrath?

this will is long dead
this faith is long forgotten
slaying the pig of faith, abominations praised
marked for death, this blade tastes blood
cleave this plague of heaven from our hearts
we are of the moon, our dark side unknown
oh, alright
as the gr-ssy fields burn
fire gleams within my eyes
dark is the way of this coming age

[guitar solo]

[verse 5]
we are coming to crush their pride
we are coming to ruin their lives
revealing a devil inside

[verse 6]
we are coming to win their rapture
we are coming to break their faith
final act of this disaster

when the heavens have failed
will you plead for your life?
when the heavens come falling
be prepared to die




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