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lirik lagu chess – goddess fiji


( intro )
heard the cops out
sent him so high, he won’t come down
send a b*tch clip but you got your c*ck out?
i was tired of the b*tch so i blocked now
tease her at work, let her dream off my c*ck now
got her so wet she had to clock out
im talkin’ too much sh*t i gotta stop now
ion talk lego’s if i say the block out
f*ck my issues, let’s just say im a drop out
the karma in the f*cking way of my luck now
( verse 1 )
your best diss track, smoother then my sweet songs
broke the birb wings, now he tweet wrong
goddess fiji come once, then he be gone
im breakin’ up the glass like i bе strong

( verse 2 )
why they always think you needa rap еxtra fast for a diss?
i got no love it’s like an extra fact for a b*tch
every song an artist make is like a hit or a miss
close range in yo face imma hit i won’t miss it
left all my b*tch for a change i won’t miss em
my opps better be thankful that idont k!ll em
they always try to be friend but ion feel em
she top with her throat, told the b*tch ion feel it
im actin’ like sh*t & she say im the greatest
learn to love my nights even tho i can’t rest
like i lost my feelings dawg i can’t stress
only be free into h*ll, like i ain’t blessed
im a king who got moves girl i ain’t chess

( verse 3 )
this my life i talk about im not tryna be cool
who i smoke? i don’t nowhere without my motherf*cking heat cool
talk too much online but irl he be cool
i’ll make you learn from fiji like it be school
sip a cup of lean but then he drool
tried to f*ck on some teens boy he real fool
got you choking blood the only time that you be book
b*tch idont follow them cuz i be rules
( verse 4 )
b*tch off the dope, looking like the rugrats
im so high of the glass
b*tch im off*map
my d*ck gettin’ hard cuz she touch lap
her face getting red cuz i c*ck slap
had a heart but swear the f*ck i dropped that
this b*tch call me king but im not that
im am the goddess fiji b*tch you got that?
my b*tch f*cking thicc she is not flat
treat the p*ssy like a door, imma knock that
if this b*tch get too wrong imma block that

( outro )
some will think im ight
some will think im a mess
some will say in trash
some will think im the best
fold the racks in my pants
imma flex
can i f*ck her & her friends imma test
goddess fiji i f*ck around & i bless a b*tch
treat her like as song cuz i next the sh*t
called her xbox cuz i play the b*tch
im just tryna talk not debate the sh*t
f*ck around & left like i hate the b*tch