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lirik lagu florence ivy – gonna get got




(here’s a little story i gotta tell about*)

[verse 1]

i was in the mood to do some shopping
to get some black*punk rock sh*t, you know the goth sh*t?

my friends said “jeez stop it!”
i said f*ck it
and went to the mall to visit hot topic

[verse 2]

all of a sudden, my c*ck lit
yo, who is that girl, behind the counter?
she made me wanna swap spit
and you can take your f*cking pictures
but you know, i wanna mount her

her black pig*tails, took me back to deliverance
when that pig wails, yeah!
something about this girl, with a dog collar
made me wanna get busy, yeah
(woman dog collar)

[verse 3]

gonna get got’s, gonna get to know her
know her heart and soul, not just to go ugh!
took a sip of courage and i checked my gamе
walked up to her and said
“what’s your name?”


florеnce ivy
you’re inside me
florence ivy
you’re inside me

[verse 4]

i said florence, i think you’re adorable
she said triple g, i find you deplorable
she seemed to like big words
like metaphorical
i said, does that mean there’s any chance
that i could score wi’d y’all?

[verse 5]
she said “i got a boyfriend”
i said, why must love sting, like your tongue ring?
could we at least go to yours
and watch a movie?
she said “no way”
thought about it and said ok

she said “let’s watch the movie seven.”
i said that movie is mad depressin’
she said “depressing? what do you mean?! that movie rocks!”
i said it’s depressing when your wife head ends up in a box

[verse 6]

she didn’t seem to understand
and just then through the front door came her man
with a hundred dead puppet parts on his sleeve
and just then i decided to leave

got in my car, drove real far, left long island
left florence behind
but late that night, as my head hit my bed
yo, i couldn’t get her outta my mind!

florence ivy
you’re inside me
florence ivy
you’re inside me

[verse 7]

yeah now, when i’m on a subway or i’m on a highway
any mother f*ckin’ way, i think of florence all mother f*ckin’ day
try to keep away and stay calm
but i keep logging on to
try to get a little glimpse, for the attribute
of the mind, of the girl, with the steven*king tattoo
man, i’d die for this female
but she won’t even reply to my email

[verse 8]

wanna head to see it set sail, for some ro*mance, with flo*rence
in france, and watch her dance, in her underpants, marry her romance, but the b*tch won’t even give me a chance
aaaah! florence, why are you doin’ all this to me?
aaaah! florence, i think this is the end of our movie


florence ivy
you’re inside me
florence ivy
you’re inside me
florence ivy
you’re inside me


(here’s a little story i gotta tell about*)


(here’s a little story i gotta tell about*)