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lirik lagu not with him – good riddance


out of my embrace
lipstick on a stranger’s face
do you take him to the cliffs
to watch the sun go down
now he’s sitting on your bed
what’s going through his head
as you show him pictures
the same ones you showed to me
you can’t be happy
not with him
he’s not the one
he’s going to break your heart
you can’t be happy
not with him
you know he’s not the one
and can he do the things i’d do for you
sometimes i lie awake at night
and clutch my pillow
and i wonder if you’re lying
next to him tonight
soft words & promises
and i wonder what he says
listening to clean sheets
that used to be our song
great songs they used to be
but now they just poison me
could you please not play that song now
it’s wrenching at my heart
it’s tearing me apart