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lirik lagu goodbye – gordon jenkins


i’ll never forget you
(oh i try and i try)
i’ll never forget you
(this is our last goodbye)
i’ll never forget how we promised one day
to love one another forever that way
we said we’d never say
(we believed it would last forever)
(when you are young, love is that way)

but that was long ago
now you’ve forgotten i know
no use to wonder why
let’s say farewell with a sigh
let love die

but wе’ll go on living
(how does love go astray?)
our own way of living
(how does lovе slip away?)
so you take the high road, and i’ll take the low
it’s time that we parted, it’s much better so
but kiss me as you go
(and if you ever get too lonely)
(keep me in mind, keep me in mind)

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