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lirik lagu mpt-sd – goreoffline





i just caught a f*cking body and i put her in a bag
i just k!lled a couple f*gs tryna steal my f*cking swag
why you lurkin thru my page why u making this drag
why the f*ck u tryna zigzag when i shoot you
beretta on my hip when im movin w my crew

posted with hxlx yeah we shoot you to your shoe
cutthroat 123 got a glock on me
necrotrappin til i die b*tch im like a f*cking zombie

ion give a f*ck i wanna cut these bodies when im off the f*cking molly
if ur tryna talk ur sh*t imma leave your parents sorry


try and talk your sh*t
i’m enlisting to the army

talking all that sh*t
yeah ima catch a f*cking body
playin with the dead
feeling real paranormal
bullet through yo head
yeah they know its f*ckin goreful

i dont give a f*ck
pull up to your air sp*ce b*tch
talking all that sh*t
i’ll leavе a vtol in your base b*tch

balistic mask on
yeah you know im f*cking facelеss
im gonna k!ll you slowly
i dont want it to be painless

pull up too the mission and
we dumping f*cking magazines
f*ck away from me i got clinical insanity
talking all that sh*t yeah ill end your f*cking family tree

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