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lirik lagu morning call – gpmplayz


[intro: gpmplayz]
wait, yeah, yeah, i got it
let me just, i got it, don’t worry, stop shout*

[verse 1: gpmplayz]
uh, a new day comes and i put my thumb
in front of the sun
just to see what has been done
i’ve done a ton, and yes, man
i won, this is fun
morning walk, but
i decide i should be running
producer calling me
and i told him that i’m coming
beautiful song that i’m humming
to get my mind off of things
think about the positivity
forget the awful things
while i was walking
i see all of the people talking
then when i stepped into the scene
they looking at me
like i’m some kind of actor
it’s me that they’re after, ’cause when i run
thеy’re running faster, this is a disaster
tеll me, what’s the matter?
i hear all the chatter, and i can’t help but
think about, what they’re talking about
am i even allowed to think out loud?
then i finally realized
what they talking about
[chorus: gpmplayz]
morning call, morning call
time to wake up, time to wake up

[verse 2: gpmplayz]
yeah, they said, there is a door behind you
and there are so many
people waiting for you
not sure what it is, it must be the fans
on the stage, and i can see the hands
but, i was wrong, it’s my past
coming back, haunting me, that’s facts
’cause moving on is one thing
but, they all deserve an apology
sorry, if i really hurt your feelings
girl, i should’ve known
sorry, if i didn’t told you sooner
i should’ve let you know
sorry, if i wasn’t there for all of you
when i was needed most
music is the ghost, and i’m like a host
got my doors closed, but the window is open
yeah, my eyes are, everyday i’m hoping
to get so far, up to the stars, but the
past is holding me back, i’m getting off track
it’s all coming back
feels like i’m being dragged
[outro: gpmplayz]
yo g, baby, gpmplayz, at the peak, let’s go

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