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lirik lagu 360° (what goes around) (sd50 remix) – grand puba


yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
(“there’s just one thing i wanna say”)
the reel to reel to reel to reel, yo
(“there’s just one thing i wanna say”)
copy copy copy copy copy
(“there’s just one thing i wanna say”)
we gonna hit it down like this, y’all know the flav
(“there’s just one thing i wanna say”)
uh, alamo, is you wit me?
(“what goes around comes back around again”)
stud doogie, is you wit me?
(“what goes around comes back around again”)
s.o.s., is you with me?
(“what goes around comes back around again”)
yo, this how we gon’ bust it down, yo, you know the flavor
(“what goes around comes back around again”)
you know what time is it, check it yo, this how we flow
(“get to the point”)

[verse 1]
here comes the puba and you know i won’t fake it
usually bust records on gettin’ b-tt naked
made for the benzi, drive a n-gga skinzy
pump the tape, grab your d-ck get with the puba frenzy
c’mon honey sing, don’t you, try to eject
“slow down” is what you say once my joint gets erect
some try to copy but they just can’t sketch it
some try to follow but they just can’t catch it
with the boom boom tap, yeah alla dat
huh, i’m livin fat, me fall off, there’ll be none of that
see who’s the one to flip it? quick to tell a n-gga to zip it
stud drink the forty ’cause we ain’t got time to sip it
grand puba, god body
kick some of them, some of those, and some yardies
as dope as they come, suckers sing or hum
don’t try to step to this, you know your sh-t is slum
first batter up, well, here’s the pitch – it’s a curve
second batter up because the first got served
the one who arouse as i browse for a blouse
kick styles by the piles as i leave a trail for miles
skins when i please, hit from here to tel aviv
i’m gettin’ g’s, no more time for the line of free cheese
here’s the 4-1-1, hon, the one who gets the job done
i know you know the flavor of the puba

(“what goes around comes back around again”)
yeah yeah yeah yeah, na-nah nah nah nah, this how we bump it, yo!
(“what goes around comes back around again”)
yaknahmsayin? big jeff in the house, we gon’ move it like this
(“what goes around comes back around again”)
ha hah, baby pop baby pop in the house, bust how we bust it down
(“what goes around comes back around again”)
y’all you know the flavor
sincere allah, check check check check!

[verse 2]
okay okay okay, what more could i say?
alamo get the boom and parlay parlay
i’m far from the average, civilize the savage
when i’m low on protein, i’m with the bean soup and cabbage
skins on the diet, kick the flavor, cause a riot
do a show and get the dough and then i’m off to the hyatt
sometimey on the spliff, ain’t no and’s or if
and if you really wanna riff you just might end up playin’ stiff
girbauds hangin’ baggy, hilfiger on the top
knapsack on the back, that’s just my flavor, akh
as my man gives a zigga zigga, watchin three grow bigga bigga
to pos k, that’s my n-gga
here goes the wreck, whaddayou expect?
if you wanna see some wreck, send cash, not a check
grand puba, more than a public figure
quick to kick the bone up the b-tt of a gold digger
now tic-tac-toe means i hit three in a row
if i do a show, then you better have my dough
low, low, well, how low can you go?
call on grand puba if you really need a pro
’cause my sh-t’s more rugged than g.i. joe
don’t front, honey, act like you know
now big up to my brooklyn mob (brooklyn! brooklyn!)
big up to my uptown mob (uptown! uptown!)
now brothers wanna diss me ’cause it’s my turn to burn
my best advice for the brothers is to sit back and learn
i don’t diss n0body to be somebody
i just like to kick the flavor to make the people party
see, all i’m sayin’ is respect due
those who tried to follow, sorry i left you
grand puba, stud doogie, and alamo
so if you ever want the flavor you know where to go
now how we go

yeah, ha ha ha!
the reel to reel, yeah yeah yeah, this is how we move it
you know the flavor, y’all know the flavor, you know the flavor
here we go yo, and you don’t stop (big up to all the people)
big up! big up!
big jeff hold tight! ha ha, ha ha!
on and on y’all
time to get gone
word is bond