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lirik lagu 1946 – grasscut


[words spoken by mrs. may phillips]

“grey, very grey. was grey, very grey
grey, very grey, during, you know, rationing time

everything was drab, and there wasn’t anything to be had
during, you know, rationing time

grey, very grey
very little colour or availability
it wasn’t hardship, we didn’t know anything else

i can tell you exactly where it was
past the pier, towards the castle, near the top
you could hear the steam hissing, as you went in

the machine was all there
and there were lots of soldiers still going about, you know
straight after the war was finished
the machine was all there

they didn’t have much to eat in this cafe
but the coffee just made up for everything
great big wodge of foam on the top
and sprinkles of chocolate

it’s only looking back that it was dull
life wasn’t dull in any sort of way
life was lovely actually
i mean we had great fun, as well as everything else, you know

it was a h*ll of a winter
snow everywhere
i could go there now
it was all there
during, you know, rationing time.”