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lirik lagu 10 toes on the road – gravy baby


[verse 1: huskii]
we used to rip servo’s for snacks to eat
now we grip burners, serve smack to fiends
rats in the flat bringing raptor dee’s
i’m having dreams with my family [?] while i’m back in greens
flashbacks getting bashed for weeks
my stepdad wasn’t blood so he had to bleed
this game was rigged from the start
and i never signed up
why they mad that i had to cheat
n0body cared till i rapped on beat
now they act like they rap cos they’re wack and weak
never slapped on the back
i got stabbed in my back
now i’m back to attack on my family tree
f*ck that i still love ’em, i can’t
wanna break down but i gotta be hard
i don’t wanna leave her but i gotta depart
i’m sick of sittin’ & seein’ my people fallin’ apart
(i’m sorry)
celebrating my [?] call it my past
(rest in peace)
i saw myself in my kids and that sh*t there just tore me apart
i see my parents in me everyday when i look in there eyes and it always been hard
[?] flats, bagging up racks, stuck on the roads never walking the park
[verse 2: gravy baby]
gravy and i woke up a living nightmare
lucid dreams in a mental prison
middle finger in the sky, yeah
while i stay screaming f*ck the system
problems as a youngin
i swear no one ever seemed to listen
now i roll around high [?]
but i don’t have no drug addiction
this medicine has no prescription
tryna source pain but some times omissions
felt as if the rage is like i’m online, and the game just started glitching
they sneak dissin’ cos their rap career like an opal card and i stay driven (d*mn cousin)
i’m what the scene been missin’
but f*ck this politics were not politicians
i’m sorry to my fans the ego got the better of me
instead of droppin’ tracks i was hatin’ and dissin’
real sh*t i just had to admit it
yeah you other c*nts just talk sh*t, little b*tches
i was cut out here with no stitches
cos if you don’t talk about the drugs, then they just don’t wanna listen
you say when it rains and pours, when my life comes to hail and thunder
and remember something different?
well nowadays i don’t speak to my parents or my older brother (d*mn)
i told them i’m gone, i was out here alone
i was punching them cones
i didn’t know where to go
my blood boils now yeah but my heart colder than snow
cuz, ay, still had ten toes on the road
d*mn, ay, still had ten toes on the road
didn’t know where to go
didn’t know where to go
didn’t know where to go but i still had ten toes on the road