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lirik lagu 2 real – great deceivers


compulsive glutton for violence and disorder
sick pattern that cries when ignored
now that the habit is forming
the baseline is phoning it in
for a taste of the glory
you paw through the mess that you’ve made
shouldn’t it be rewarding?
but you can get your head round the sequence
how it plays out
soft spot that’s raw at the core
seek relief through contorting
you claw your way into the cage
can only be supportive of a rampant disbelief that things change
there is only evidence for poor attempts to dull the blade
all good intentions do is fade into longing
and now where there once was something worth saving, there is only dried blood
sure could use you off the sidelines
a show of good faith that you can’t rewind
that doesn’t feel fake
never quite right
the joke’s in poor taste but are you surprised?
you fight me ’cause you know that at the bottom, nothing can grow
so why should i bother to?