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lirik lagu 4th – greydon square


verse 1 forget about the interviews and the many views forget about the industry and the silly feuds im deep inside the peoples mind trying to seek and find the only thing that really matters, what you leave behind ….don’t look to the charts, the media to measure me you shoot for the single, i’m playing for my legacy f-ck an award, if it aint for changing the world then i don’t want it no more i’ll burn a bridge just to open a door scratch an itch just to open a sore let’s pack a swisher, just flow and record we no longer ignored so before you ask, it’s all for the music …the result of my past, the cause of my future it will no longer last as long as our hubris the movement, should be knowledge, and how we pursue it until then, we’re lucky to tread water with broken sons, and emotionally dead daughters keep the daddies, they’re lookin for rare fathers the only ones still, left strong enough to dare bother outside looking for someway in bringing with me a generation of unraised kids …and you have a harder time thinking that they exist but don’t have problem with believing a creation myth …don’t plead to me, you should take the fifth cause you won’t know just what your spending, until you pay for it

chorus let’s get together minds like we did before in this endeavor, time is what’s getting short it’s now or never, let rhyme help us steer the course let’s give a future that our grandchildren will endorse

the only matter the line, when you know the score what makes you think a closed mind could help you open doors every alb-m i create i want to show the world it’s hard to sell em on a first when you’re on the fourth

verse 2 this is an example of translational motion more flow than a basin, river, lake or ocean type ii should be an ancient notion but it’s not, we scratching at .8 just hoping the world doesn’t go pop like corn kernals how many more entries you got in your journal? …you’re distracted by the s-x appeal me? the infinitesimal rotation of vector fields the seventh seal isn’t heaven revealed it’s you testing it everybody ready to build a new reference sever the old and new testaments that just got the best of the fools who accepted it the lesson is no one has a monopoly on the truth, not a church a god a party not even you ….we need you to paint the canvas and help us plug the holes of our own understanding


verse 3 this isn’t the end it’s just an event like the beginning anybody claiming they get it is just pretending i’ll tell you this, if creativity is infinite the truth is the allowance allotted and how you spend it and not about how you meant it i’m not going through all of this sh-t and not leaving an imprint …to quit this in a fit is senseless i meant it when i said no spit then wrists slit but you still tried to recruit me in your shady cult i refused, now i’m the leader of the slave revolt …dispatch your legions to quash the rebellion the punishment that we face, our arms and legs nailed in …talking secretly of peace watching great speakers often thinking it was me don’t speak of defeat, it sabotages victory go and learn what you need, to satisfy the mystery