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lirik lagu 1998 freestyle – gtclabel


(gtc label, hahahahaha)
yo yo, uhn, listen, uhn (sauce sauce)

i, wake up in the morning and i’m feeling real cozy
i’m, wrappin up the game, im giving rap n*ggas a pony
floyd mayweather, i dont see no f*ck’ opponents
my pistols are loaded, im curry with the .30
uhn, these n*ggas think its sweet till i put em in the curb
zanil with the drift, im giving smoke in the curve
$auce dripper, cuspo letras frescas sem suor
i’m givin n*ggas breakfast, dinner and dessert (uhn)
b*tches wanna f*ck ’cause im smelling like dough
putting n*ggas in their place to teach em out to f*ckin flow (uhn)
plug talk, giving n*ggas smoke thru the phone
and i’m calling young mich to sn*tch all you n*ggas souls (uhn)
let me talk my sh*t, like drake with the 6ix (uhn)
im putting all these f*ck n*ggas heads on my ring
b*tches want a kiss and these n*ggas want a feat
im having rappers in the morning like they weetbix
shout to my gs and shout out to my b*tch
hit my man maxh everytime i need a sick kick (uhn)
if u ain’t real you ain’t hoppin on his beats
and im giving out free verses like my name is mr.beast
many streets to feed (uhn)
many b*tches to swim (uhn)
many rappers to eat (uhn)
more money to get (uhn)
an empire to build (uhn)

im feeling like pablo escobar how im servin all these motherf*ckin briiickkss (sauce)
my flow’s droppin hot, wippin in the pot all i do is coockin bars
n*gga think that im on drugs ’cause the flow is super high
chillin with the blond and hennessey is poured up in my cup
(sauce), yea thats moi
estou a comer rappers e todos são hallal (uhun)
i ain’t for sale but i need that cheesy guap
im so f*cking hot, ask them b*tches posted up in your block
uhun uhun, n*gga im done, cause im droppin all hundreds in you droppin f*cking dimes

[huo]: tô busy nessa cena