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lirik lagu collin sexton – guappo


[verse 1: rose capone]
lil b*tch i’m in my bag cause this money keep on coming
she asking where i am i told that hoe i’m in my luggage
and to a whistle blower cause this thing, it keep on humming
i turned him into sonic at the speed that he be running
rocking mcm, hoes on me like a purse
he finna talk down on my name so he gon’ get the worst
and yes, my name capone, this gas will put you in a he*rs*
lemme k!ll that p*ssy, while i run it in reverse
you an asian boy, but look at what the chop do
feeling like zeus in this hoe, i let it shock you
[verse 2: guappo]
ayy, ayy, we gon’ knock his top loose
huh, yeah, wе gon’ knock his top loose
b*tch i’m balling hard like collin s*xton
b*tchеs all up in my ear like “who you texting?”
half of my family from texas, i do not talk to my exes
i might just f*ck this b*tch, then i hit the exit
b*tches reckless, i don’t care who you texting
i can’t be the worse in the league like the texans
he don’t even got no f*cking bread like why you flexing?