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lirik lagu facetime – gucci boy


gucci boy:
baby are you afraid of suicide?
baby tell me are you really mines?
feel like i’m losing my mind
baby i’m not afraid to die (x3)
i’m not afraid to die

doing drugs for the late night
women call me for the late night
trynna f-ck me for one night

naked women with some cocaine
gucci shades, feel like cobain
backwoods full of propane
baby let’s f-ck, give out no names
baby you don’t wanna feel my pain
loving you was never the same
played my life like its a game
played my life that sh-t ain’t sane

why you wasting time
why you wasting life
why you wasting mines
i never loved life
drug scars on my face
let me die in my own place
i never feel safe

mom told me don’t go too far
i just wanna be a rockstar
i just wanna go hard
working hard, i just wanna go far
tears h-t my louis bag
gucci boy don’t touch my raf
chasing hotties no more trash
foreign mami count my racks

foreign language with my foreign mami
foreign mami in my foreign masi
facetime me when you get to cali
swear n-body can’t ever stop me
yeah yeah
pull up in that masi with my foreign mami