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lirik lagu 11pm in carolina – gucci flipflops



record this whole sh-t with the lights off
been two months now i’ll never take a night off
had to take the time to switch my style up
because lately i’ve been simping
lately i’ve been slipping fade away
nosey b-tches on my b-lls acting like they pimpen
but i’m not mj i don’t ever fade away
your homie seen me with your girl at your favorite place
f-cked her so good shook your neighbors place
they like who dat who dat
press me you better pull back pull back before i have to pull back
dimwited f-cks too dull to let me shine
rather sing but sometimes i gotta rhyme
just to let you know i got them bars like future and esco, let’s go
triple entendre, spitting like llamas in a pet store
just a little joke to keep from killing the rest show
if you got problems i got the trig for you
ice cold big rig for ya
iso when your pants get too big for ya
am i tryna sing like mike or ball like mike
me and my dad had a fight the other night
because i rather skip work just so i could write
to be honest he’s the only person that can still make me cry
i ain’t ashamed of that, i know there ain’t no changing that
f-ck you to anyone hating on the boy
i’m out here working so i can have a choice
and i’m ducking calls from granny cause i’m not the same baby boy
on a lot of drugs on a lot of drugs think my kidneys failing
think my grades failing
wait i gotta pull back who said i could get so serious
why am i going so hard i’m not even a lyricist
you call asking for your girl but her tongues tied like my hair
put my phone to her just to let you hear
its exactly how it sounded
all these lines but i’m still not finished
burn bright as possible never dimming
talking bout my joint and my talent
oh man with my crew i’m surrounded like sound
ha that’s just a corny joke because i’m getting down
oh make her dance for me
tell the girl come to my crib, make her dance for me
record the video and send it to your man
yeah i’m just f-cking around
i’m back baby i’m back