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lirik lagu vette pass by – gucci mane


vette p-ss by, everybody looking
six stoves in the house and everybody cooking
wrist like blow, chain like oww
we throw it in the air, so what you calm down

you ridin bird (wheewh)
your bullets gone (wheewh)
you gone and got a cold, we got the bird flu (2)

this house is stupid perp, they cost me half a whack
a.k half a stack, so we gonn hit it back
i’m at the gally-house, i wear my 80 bands
and with the magic city, and it don’t rain man
i’m the king man, stupid bad man, rubberband man, oh
it’s the grand sound
a stupid fruity sack, a stupid fruity pack
crazy gucci shoes where you get em at
i said it’s off white, bout a fifty pack
the hottest n-gg- in the nation ain’t dropped yet
where them pots at, where them glocks at
i kick a door with, where them blocks at


cartoon chain, papa smurf ring
all red wayne’s, so icy airplane
gucci man hat, gucci man shirt
louie v shoes, louie v perp
we and the big timers, but b-tch we got work
we get our roll on, and new shool works
old school’s cool, but most of our’s are new
cause i’m t-te b–tch, we got the bird flu
and we’ll bless you, so say hachoo
we’ll turn those house shoes, int some prada shoes
on the east side, we play by gucci rules
hez only in the hood, but hez commisioned to it


[oj da juiceman:]
the bird flu got me, the jacob watch rockin
bell border diamonds man i’m so icy
young juice man godddamit i’m the sh-t
booming off the chain workin with 50 bricks
nay later cars, croo blue chains
32 charat posted on my pinkie ring
been a 100 charger, sneak a colour gunk
super bad b-tch i ain’t pocket with them all
i ain’t coming cold n-gg-
ain’t dis ain’t what you want
ain’t 72 dunk
ain’t with no skirt woww
6 stoves cookin ain’t we got work
young juiceman cause smokin 9 pounds of perp