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lirik lagu fleet – guillemots



lands and river, sober, glaiter
on it, on it, on it, on it i see,
on it i see.
broken windows path yard, dominoes
excuse me, somebody hold me until you know
under it all.

start talking about age.

i have studied movement
and there’s a way out of this sight
gonna get a day job on a ferry
would i be living if i was there

you are the one and i won’t let you go.

let them away,
order your halo to stay,
drive it up late by holding hard.
hold your thoughts away,
they are no help here, anyway
only arrows melt you hard, move on.

don’t they melt you?
you’re something wonderful.
when you try the name under the fence
and there you stay
don’t get amazed by the tale.

i don’t ever wanna fall, no
amazed by the tale.

you are the one and i won’t let you go.