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lirik lagu 3xsaucy aka bersek day – gumee dirtylow5razy



fish scale yea they sale
got that boi it’s retail
mexico next to blow
poppin rounds
b-tch all clowns down
tell the pops check the score
f-ck 50 it’s up
all well yes suh (20 of em)
all well yes suh ( f-ck 50 it’s up)

bopped on the block
throwing big b’s
yea i go berserk
7:30 yea i go to work
no lunch line but i paint his shirt
turn’t new orleans like lil turk
uptown rocks
sox on a twerk
ooochie on me
got sum ooochie on me
jbs til i’m dead an pale
dirtylow hoe til the dirt
an nah we ain’t going for that
h-ll nah i ain’t going for that
coming again sh-t not gone
all well
extended my 5
you know i’m gone slide
you know i’m gone ride
check the demo n-gga
drilling ain’t easy
check the demo n-gga
k!lling ain’t easy
check they m.o
why these n-ggas wanna b me
bitty b-tch
on god they hear me b-tch trigger finger itchy
up this bl!cky
that boy a stain yea i took it
tough luck
n-gga bet it up
better bet it up
we count it up
i came out that b-tch
i was swinging it
n-ggas be lame an they telling
on they mans an sh-t
on they friends an sh-t
ain’t talking bout no bands an sh-t
lil b-tch
man down
face down
no face
no case
we gone spray the round
we spray em down
ok ok lil n-gga
ok ok lil n-gga
aw yea
i don’t wanna play lil n-gga
ain’t sh-t darker
go deep east the water
u kno i’m the hottest
p-ssy -ss lil n-gga
you’s a bitty
bitty b-tch
broke sh-t
broke sh-t
n-ggas work sh-t
twerk sh-t
twerk this
up n make this
make shift glock
but i had to make it
came out
i was in a a-r(15)
pullin up n-gga a y’all
that’s a bar
cat big tigger
you’s a fish p-ssy n-gga
you’s a big big
watch how i do that
watch how i shoot that
got a glock an it’s new that
going to jail
a f-ck going to jail
a f-ck going with 12
look n-gga ain’t no back and forth
look n-gga ain’t no back and forth
jbs this sh-t darker
we face the east
we face the water