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lirik lagu far – gunna


lyrics from snippets

(run that back turbo)

i know they ain’t think we’d make it far (i know they ain’t think we’d make it far)
we done bought one*hundred cars
we done f*cked one*hundred broads
went against the odds…
…whole lotta n*ggas died
pain in prison, throwin’ riots
it’s time to free my guys (time to free my guys)
cousin smilin’ in my face with pain’ in his eyes (pain in his eyes)
hope he get to catch a wave and change over time (change over time)
1993 that year, a star was born (star was born)
a lot of people know my name, i feel important (feel important)
said i’m on the way, don’t know where i’m goin’ (where i’m goin’)
on a whole ‘nother wave, sayin’ words like a poet (like a poet)
she said “gunna wunna, i love the way you stroke it” (stroke it)
fly you in and out of town, my lifestyle not boring (boring)
i can see you bound to drown but this drip, you can not force it (force it)
ain’t no time to lounge around, my son gotta be born rich (born rich)…