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lirik lagu 12 am freestyle – gxgetalegion


i’m in such a dark, such a low place
feeling like a mistake, life feels like a prison of pain
my mind feels like a hurricane, such a haze of fog in my mind
it’s only a matter of time before i die
life is but an endless cycle of pain, no alibi
might as well sing myself a lullaby
say my goodbyes to everyone as i look at my gun in peace
i can die at ease, that i can guarantee
no one would want to be around me, why would they want to?
just a burden to them, so what harm would it be if i disappear?
no one is near and it all seems clear to me
i’m knee*deep in my own depression
and so wasted i can’t even be sober
i guess i’ll just end my story and say it’s over
load the .44 with one bullet and give myself a minute
wait until i’m finished with my river of sorrow
there won’t be a tomorrow, not for me
i don’t feel like i have enough responsibility to live this life
so i’ll just end it with a big f*cking bang

i’m in such a dark place, dark place
feeling like a mistake, mistake
it won’t make any sense, any sense
for me to stay here, stay here
and hang myself in such a dark place, dark place