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lirik lagu gypsy bitch – devil doll

as i lie awake in bed thinking of you
and all the things you’ve done
to make me not trust you
if i could do it all again
well i would go back
and trust my gut instincts
and send you packing.

because this gypsy b-tch has had your sh-t,
i quit.
just stepped out of the noose
all my screws are loose a bit.
but i can still call a spade a spade
and black is black
and i love you dear,
but i love me more than that.

i watch you sleeping there oh so silently
as silent wind i ask you if you still love me
but i’m a slave to all your ways
when you feel just right
but it’s a roller coaster ride i’m sick of
hanging on with all my might.


when you wander about, i wonder what you do
it’s like having a fever i just can’t break through
you bit me in the heart and i can’t see the sun
cause even though i love you,
you love everyone.

when you go out at night or go with your friends
not answering your phone, acting single again
try not to hit your head when you take the fall
how does it feel to call me up
and i won’t answer it at all.


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