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lirik lagu mind games – h-matzy


come here babe, you don’t have to be alone/
i’ll always accept you, put you on the tallest throne/
you found me when i felt that my life was gone/
brought me back, showed me a brand new home/

i love you, i just wanna lose this streak/
where you accept all these people when you find out that their weak/
they use you, and tell you all these things/
gonna make you lose the man who helped you sprout your wings/

you wanna be friends, with all these different people/
you put on your blind, you block out all of their evil/
this story’s been playin since the time of primeval/
i stand through this storm like a statue in upheaval/

we’ve taken the time, i’m kept up in the dark/
don’t like what you do when you feel that lonley spark/
i stand next to you, if you need a reaching hand/
i told you from the start, i wanna be your man/

listen, i can help you through this mess/
i’ll do anything for you, you’re my princess/
we can leave this town behind you dont have to be afraid/
we can look up in the sky and let the pain fade/

i’m counting you, when i’m counting all my blessins/
i sing your name when im lyrically expressin/
i see your face when im dreamin of the future/
our memories are thread when im healing with this suture/

d-mn, you’ve got me tied up/
running from a future caused by a break up/
i’m missing the times we that we had together/
regretting the choices that severed the tether/

i dont wanna lose this baby, im in love/
we can’t lose the fights when push comes to shove/
i wanna see world with you no matter the cost/
you are my home when my spirit is lost/