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lirik lagu 31 days of darkness – hackey og


mlk, pasadena
need an ambulance
said car not stopping
northbound grand traverse
from, uh, fifth
car not stopping
northbound grand traverse
from fifth avenue
truck thirty*five
squad one, squad two
dayton and clio
attention cars, attention cars
getting a report of a shooting
at the purple moon
gonna be at 2525 south dort highway
three thirty*one copy
suspect in custody

[verse 1: hackey og]
been blowing indo’
like a old nintendo
weed man
lap the block like limbo
like a drive*thru window
put it in a pillow case
i don’t use my pillows
that’s dope dreams
pockets tapped like tempo
i’ll be frank with you
life like crescendo
you jockin’ styles, caliendo
un momento coming off a benzo’
all i do is rap
it ain’t too extensive
oh, and i made this instrumental
oh, and i did the album art too
oh, and i engineered my fears
my flow, my flaws
i have for years
and to my peers, cheers
let us get a round of beers
i got a few bars left
that they got to hear
got a slim shot now
at a good career
yeah, i’m educated, graduated
high school then dropped out of college
my senior year, could’ve waited
sixteen bars all it took to change me
i’m a household name better decorated
itching for more than some insulation
sitting on gold
i mined in my bas*m*nt
minding mine
meanwhile, sirens surround me
dimebags and briberies
forties and lottery
gangs and comradery
up to debauchery
f*cking up constantly
deep in the street with police
i’m a beast
but i think that they’re on to me
possibly, probably
honestly, constantly
aimlessly wandering
i am anomaly
i am the oddity
soon to be prodigy
thirty*one days
of that darkness awaits

[chorus: hackey og]
i got thirty*one days
left on house arrest
thirty*one years
’til it’s off my record
i got thirty*one nights
for a hard lesson
less than thirty*one minutes
i was gone flexing

[verse 2: hackey og]
i got thirty*one grams in a bag
hidden in a shoe box, stashed
patient with a zig*zag wrap
waiting ’til my court date passed
hope it ain’t stale
‘fore the boy get off (ooh)
got the og curing
’til the boy get off (ooh)
quarter mile of a raw wrap
loud pack stashed in a nap sack
on my way to drop, yeah (ooh)
p.o. wanna know
where i go, where i’m at
where i been, where the f*ck y’all think
been confined to a hundred feet
get the mail and my tube sock blink
could’ve ran ‘cause the signal weak
steal my ma jeep, no id
pray the police don’t find me
then it’s whoop, whoop
shakedown, middle of the street
hands where i can see
no anxiety
‘cause i found my momma’s
little hiding place
up against the hood
wrists behind me tied
eye to eye
he said, you afraid to die
from that point
thought i’d be doing life
with the cash they took
could’ve bailed me out twice
if they found that bag
could’ve been real bag
now it’s back to the pad
got a line out back
stop, stop, stop
rapping on the rooftop
’til i see the flint cops
f.p.d. lead straight to the frat house
someone pulled a gun out
scared all the girls off
whole house strapped
cl!ck clack, then it cleared out

[chorus: hackey og]
i got thirty*one days
left on house arrest
thirty*one years
’til it’s off my record
i got thirty*one nights
for a hard lesson
less than thirty*one minutes
i was gone flexing

[verse 3: hackey og]
i got thirty*one days
until the judge let me go
but that’s just thirty*one ways
that i got to f*ck up parole
man, i got thirty*one numbers
every day hit my phone
that’s trying to thrown me on the street
for the student loans that i owe
that’s fasho, i’ve been broke
ironic cuz i’m making that dough
got to get a lot of chronic to blow
just to keep my head form exploding
been had the irs on my chest
trying to get another chunk of my check
my prognosis is hopeful
i’m sicker than most, though
tylenol three’s and promethazine
poured up
faygo that my go to
slowed off my soda
in partial of weight
that i pile on my shoulders
ulterior motives
to blow on the low
it’s been thirty*one days
since i’ve seen light of day
it be thirty*one more
if the judge has her way
i got thirty*one bounties
in thirty*one counties
by thirty*one
i’m trying to be busy counting
but i still got

[chorus: hackey og]
i got thirty*one days
left on house arrest
thirty*one years
’til it’s off my record
i got thirty*one nights
for a hard lesson
less than thirty*one minutes
i was gone flexing

terror in flint
flint, flint, flint, city of flint
flint, michigan, flint
flint, michigan, flint
flint, michigan, flint
flint, flint
now we are learning more information
about the suspect’s background
as well as the officer’s condition
flint, flint is in a state
of federal emergency
flint, michigan, flint
flint police are investigating
a double homicide on the city’s south side
neighbors believe the victims
are a mother and her daughter
authorities called it the largest drug
and cash seizure in genesee county history
it’s one burnt down house after the other
on mabel avenue
six of those fires happened today
and while arson is nothing new
in the city of flint
fire fighters are getting tired of it
and neighbors are fed up
park west apartment complex
flint neighbors coping with the murder
of three people in an early morning
triple homicide
breaking news in flint
where two people have been shot
at a sunoco gas station
that’s on dort highway
on the city’s north side
at about 5:30 this morning
the flint police department
responded to mount elliott
and west dayton street
for a young lady
who had escaped a house
and said that two people had been shot
and she’d been attacked
we will still rise
good will overcome evil