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lirik lagu no courtesy – hardo


[chorus: hardo]
i’m always rapping about the pain, cause dawg that’s all that i know
feds done raded, took your chains now you at [?]
kids end up getting slain, ain’t got no courtesy, no
i been missing you like crazy, it’s hard to let go

[verse: hardo & chevy woods]
[?] revoked
playing, that was part of my growth
slide for bro
[?] bring it fasho
it ain’t no practice, only game time, so you better not choke
the 30’s got a lotta [?] i don’t need all that though
i just need 2 out the rifle, i be getting up close
[?] washing my clothes
i put ice all in the ring, [?] froze
i’m the realest in the game, dawg if you know then you know
[?] the culture, best thing i did was taking my notes
pull up on folks
[?] 223’s on his coat
wasn’t no goat
the og’s went to jail and went broke
a dab of gunsmoke
no outcomes in a positive note
curticy no
[?] no curticy no
but i keep that g lock on me for emergency though
[?] could change if i start from 0
[?] birdys of that caine [?]
we done really busting brains, so don’t post pics [?]
we really test your aim, [?]
at the stove the last 3 days i got the same old clothes
most these n*ggas they ain’t real ones [?]
[?] came up [?]
i had these clothes on for 3 days, i gotta tell the truth
[?] out they mind [?]
don’t need new friends, i just need my n*ggas [?]
these n*ggas talking like they run the city
knowing damb well they ain’t been out the city
i can’t wait for mine, i gotta go get it
i looked up to my older cousin [?] jumped in it
i pray to god i get my food in the morning
when i go to sleep
ain’t seen her in a minute
[?] she was on fleek
[?] with my dawgs
now you know we want it all
the hood love when i talk that street sh*t
[?] on me and i ain’t peep it
don’t know the n*gga, but he was on creep sh*t
i know the man upstairs saved my life
k!lled his cousin, and he told me only death gon make that right
meditated if i took that flight
we the type who do that homework, and think on site
man [?] bang that right
pull up right in fromt that n*gga [?]
[?] gon bite
still throwing up our sets until we laying on ice
used to stand [?] back of his bike
we still poppin at your dreads, put an end to your hype
i was posted up on 60, real ones sending me kites
said [?] you gotta wait, you really living this life
just talked about it with your [?]
now you sitting in the pen [?]
[chorus: hardo]
i’m always rapping about the pain, cause dawg that’s all that i know
feds done raded, took your chains now you at [?]
kids end up getting slain, ain’t got no courtesy, no
i been missing you like crazy, it’s hard to let go