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lirik lagu god smiled down – hardy & massengill/the folk brothers


[verse 1]
god put on his groucho glasses
when he made ugly lads and lovely lasses
put them in the same high school classes
to play the game
and he danced around in his lampshade hat
and he made some skinny and he made some fat
said, “look at that, boys, look at that”
as we covered up in shame
all the parts above and the parts beneath
and god smiled down with spinach in his t**th

[verse 2]
oh my god, what was he thinkin’
when he made us come out all cryin’ and stinkin’
with our little godly eyes a*blinkin’
at the wonder of it all
his only son was born that way
and we brokе that boy like a jar of clay
now we celеbrate that glorious day
down at the mall
all red and green like a blood and money wreath
and god smiles down with spinach in his t**th

[guitar solo]
[verse 3]
downtown at the comedy zone
he holds the golden microphone
he’s a laugh a minute and he’s always on
but n0body seems to care
’cause we’re all down at the house of god
where the preacher speaks and the church folks nod
don’t you think it’s a little odd
that there’s no humor there?
when everybody’s lookin’ for relief
and god smiles down with spinach in his t**th
and god smiles down with spinach in his t**th



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