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lirik lagu skogsrå – harkla


fermenting shadows of gray
cold light glaring through these mist of water and ice
blackened sands, painting innocent
structures of our motherless grave

echoing forest, creatures of forgotten lore
take me back, to where i belong
to the endless, the lightless, the shadows
clouds and rain painting a picture of gloom

hear freezing howling entrancing you
here be ancient entities
unsettling woods, snowy glaciers
h*rns presenting itself upon the crown of the most beautiful being

luring voice of death

life’s, fading away
eyes, darkened as night
time, never defiled
claws, hollowed behind

she, hel in disguise
coming together as one
soulless, bark stains her sh*ll
taking me back
to where i belong
ska jag efter mi lella fila blanka
ska jag snart göra dem lika langa

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