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meet cute - hartley powers & john schroeder lyrics


[blake, spoken]
this is like one of those old movies

[carol, spoken]
what do you mean?

[blake, spoken]
those classic screwball comedies where two mismatched people meet cute

[carol, spoken]
is that what we’re doing?

[blake, spoken]
i don’t know, but…

i see you, you see me
after that it’s just gravity
will we soar or just need a parachute?
like a magnet
i am drawn to you
you are drawn to me
witty repartee follows
and there’s really nothing to do
you just roll with the punches when you
meet cute
[carol, spoken]
an old movie, huh? screwball?

i eye you, you eye me
is it prose, is it poetry?
will wе cl!ck, stick around or get the boot?
a dilemma
still you makе me laugh
still i like your style
when you flash that smile, oh well
i just turn to mush, yeah, it’s true
that’s the way it all crumbles when you
meet cute

sure, this guy is a charmer
should i put up my armor
keep my distance and play it calm and cool?

sure, this gal is a bright one
sure, she might be the right one
why do i feel like i’m back in grammar school?
still i know that…

you plus me
i agree

might be fun

might be misery

who can tell, but i’m feeling resolute
and determined
should i ask her out?

should we make a date?

[carol & blake]
let’s not hesitate—no, sir
though we really don’t have a clue
but you’ve gotta just chance it when you

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