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sylvester's dream - haven leisure lyrics


was there ever a time in your life
you thought nothing would ever go right?
when you climb out of bed
but fall straight to the floor
ask for seconds at lunch
but don’t get any more

then you’re out all dressed up to impress
but your friends say you still look a mess
and when everyone’s out on the tiger club trail
taking care where they step
but they still, stand on your tail

but i still believe that i could be
a better thing than what you see
for when i dream
i dream that i’m not just a snakе!
i’m the king of the forest, king sylvеster!

all my friends in the jungle
they would bow down before me
tell me i was the best
they would love and adore me!
gonna send me with fruit
avocado and pears!
banannas and peaches
with pineapple squares
and i’m getting fatter
but tell me who cares what i eat?!
i’m sylvester the snake!

oooh, sylvester
where’s my fanfare?
yeah, king sylvester

i can do what i want
i can command all the creatures
they will photograph me
to show off my best features

i would stand in a branch
and give out my laws
to lions and leopards
babboons and macaws
there’d be cheers and laughter
and lots of applause
for the sake
of sylvester the snake!

oooh, sylvester
right you lot, make way!
yeah, king sylvester
c’,mon, i want a red carpet!
where are my ladies in waiting?!
oooh, sylvester
c’mon, take my robe!
yeah, king sylvester
and yet here i am
wrapped around this tree
there’s no one here to cheer for me
there’s no crown on my head
and no regal coat
no royal fanfare for me
not a solitary note

h*llo, sylvester!
what are you doing?

oh, h*llo rory!
i*i*i was just dreaming
it would just be nice
if someone gave me just a little, y’know..
just a teeny, weeny, weeny bit of attention
i’m a very friendly snake, really

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