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lirik lagu inside every demon is a rainbow – hazbin hotel


i have a dream
i’m here to tell
about a wonderful fantastic new hotel
yes, it’s one of a kind
right here in h*ll
catering to a specific clientele (ooooh)
inside of every demon is a rainbow
inside every sinner is a shiny smile
inside of every creepy hatchet*wielding maniac
is a jolly, happy, cupcake*loving child
we can turn around
they’ll be heaven*bound
with just a little time down at the happy hotel
so all you junkies, freaks, and weirdos
creepers, f*ck*ups, crooks, and zeros
and downfallen superheroes, help is here
all of you cretins, sl*ts and losers, s*xual deviants and boozers
and prescription drug abusers, need not fear
forever again, we’ll cure your sin
we’ll make you well, you’ll feel so swell
right here in h*ll at the happy hotel
there’ll be no more fire and no more screams
just puppy dog kisses and cotton candy dreams
and puffy*wuffy clouds, you’re gonna be like, wow!
once you check in with me

so, all your cartoon p*rn addictions, vegan rants, psychic predictions
ancient roman crucifixions end right here
all you monsters, thieves and crazies, cannibals and crying babies
frothing mouth is full of rabies, filled with cheer
you’ll be complete, it’ll be so neat
our service can’t be beat
you’ll be on easy street, yes!
life will be sweet at the happy hotel