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lirik lagu head north is a business – head north


another drive, the whip to pasadena
paradise that we’ll be p-ssing over
man, i told you i won’t let you down
keep at it ’til the break of dawn
a million lies heavy on the shoulders
we’re p-ss drunk now and only getting older
but music shouldn’t let you down
the music shouldn’t let you down
took a curve at 60 miles an hour
flipped once, fell 1,300 feet down
ended in a cali ditch
you couldn’t make up this sh-t

popped the door with my broken right arm
days p-ssed and the sun was going all down
i woke up in a stranger’s bed
picture frames with my face in them
with no name except the one that they gave me
years p-ssed and those memories are fading
my momma said i would grow up to be a risk taker
but i f-cked around and got addicted to a drug maker

exit light, enter night
take my hand
we’re off to never never land

you can k!ll me but you can’t take my mojo
i’m f-cking punk rock
are you still pushing emo?
i know you think it’s all been done before
and you can sue me if your name’s lars ulrich
we’re all dead now
this is radio static
i know you think it’s all been done before

crumpled up a paper leaf
let’s skip town
i built a copier machine to burn it all down
many lessons to ignore before i dip out
there’s a god inside of all of us, but mine is loud
plaga-wrote the lottery and let the man down
shot to sh-t but finally free to let it all out
and there is nothing in the world i’d rather sing about
than dying silent on a highway in a devil town