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lirik lagu bones – hillsong united



[verse 1:]
you can take my dry bones
breathe life into this skin
you called me by name
raised me to life again

[verse 2:]
you can calm the oceans
speak peace into my soul
take me as i am
awaken my heart to beat again

oh jesus
oh jesus
oh jesus
alive in me

[verse 3:]
you move in the unseen
you set the captives free
as i stand and sing
you’re breaking the chains off me

breathe in me your life
i can feel you are close now
i can never hide
you are here and you know me
all i need is you
and i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you

breathe in me your life
’til your love overtakes me
open up my eyes
let me see you more clearly
falling on my knees
’til i love like you love
like you love me
i love you