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lirik lagu 16 bars or 32 – holley da rapper


am a young n*gga underpressure
y’all n*ggas still under ma lessons
ow yes is holley da lecturer
god d*mn! i be giving you lectures
and lessons on lessons on how to be an assassin
am impressive with impressions
on perfect imperfections
you lacking in rapping
am conscious you unconscious
am from tlampton a modified compton
16 dirty attitude,you swear it’s 1632
its 16 bars or 32,f*ck your dirty attitude and probably f*ck your daddy too
rap,protect ya neck!
settle in the block of murderers
let me murder this,k!ll capital for leprechauns
it’s the chronicles,chronic instabilities or dirty deeds
blowing trees for the treadmill ain’t a jamboree
never,neverland,nevermore or nevertheless
finagle,final finally
for the finalist,enemies tryna envy me
that’s a counterfeit
honestly be honest with me
ain’t no thug like me!!

let it flow or let it go
now it’s time for me roast all these lyrical
feel me from your head to toe
rolling like a cannonball
in a pool i make it splash
make it splash up in your face
take a break,get a break
let it flow or let it go!
now it’s time for me roast all these n*ggas lyrical!
feek me from your head to toe!
rolling like a cannonball!
in a pool i make it splash!
make it splash up your face!
take a break,get a break!